Meet The CIA Team!

Hey Y'all!  Today I want to introduce our team and how we got started!! 

Clothed In Armor began as a part-time side hustle for me & Nate in order to save for a down payment on our first home! We operated online (Facebook primarily) and at holiday shows. We started by mainly making graphic tees, the occasional bumper sticker or personalized holiday gifts for three years before making the toughest decision to quit my full time job at a local Dental office (which I loved and want to go back on stressful days ;) ) to pursue this small, yet growing dream!

Today it now operates on a daily basis with 2 full time employees and a handful of part-time employee, striving to accommodate all ages, sizes and taste.  We have worked in every aspect of the company from production, ordering, tagging, photography, cleaning the toilets when necessary and the list goes on and on.  We never ask our employees to do something that we wouldn't do ourselves.  We are still very hands on every day. You will find that we personally answer many of the daily emails, still print tees most days and even do a lot of your custom designs!  If you visit us at a show you will find us personally doing the set up and tear down along with merchandising and working with customers.  We started humbly on our kitchen table and we have never forgotten where we came from! 


Mackensi is my executive assistant and basically a mini me! Skinner and prettier than I ever was or will be but with just as much determination and hustle.  Mackensi runs on Coffee, Halo Top Ice Cream and Pasta! She loves all things pink & orange, Elle Woods (if you don't know shame on you then go watch legally blonde) and wouldn't survive without dry shampoo! She is a BIN (Born In Nac), a graduate of Central Heights High School & will be completing her Bachelors Of Science In Criminal Justice this December and will immediately start her Masters!! Just a bit of an over achiever and a again, a younger version of myself! We are so proud of her and although we want to hold on to her for as long as we can, we also want to support her in all of her life adventures she may encounter! She has been the biggest blessing since joining the team by taking a lot of stress off me but also is super cute & fashionable and has tons of great ideas. Be sure to Thank Her when you see her! She is the reason we have such cute tops and deals with you guys (our best customers) which is a lot in it self!! 



Jeremie helps us Part time after long hours at another job. If you've ever shopped with us during Holiday In The Pines or placed a large group order more than likely he was the person who printed your tee as he can whip out large orders quicker than me!! He is one of the most dedicated workers I've ever met and is sweet to boot!! We just love having him at the office and love that he can take our "old man" jokes even though he only has a few years on me! Jeremie is married to the beautiful & thoughtful Blair (pictured below) and they have two boys!! 


Cha-Chi helps us mainly in the Summer because she too has another amazing full time job. She is a Deaf Education Teacher! You will never met another person more caring and giving than her and we just love that she is bored in the summers and enjoys helping us out to pass the long days! If you attended any of our Tie Dye Classes last year you would have met her being a huge help and probably having just as much fun if not more than the kids!! Although not originally from here, she came here for College and couldn't leave and we are Thankful for that! Cha-Chi is super girly and her favorite thing has to be GLITTER!!  When not teaching, helping us or being an amazing friend you will catch her either doing Zumba, teaching her Zumbini class (a Zumba class for kids y'all), reading or BEING THE BEST DOG MOM EVER!! Even better than me and if you know me your know I love my dogs more than most people!! 



Melody (That's me!!)

Although not a BIN, I arrived in Nacogdoches when I was 3 years old. My Mom actually moved away as soon as I graduated High-school (Central Heights 2004) instead of me so I decided to stay to attend SFA and haven't left! Although I have big dreams of living any where that doesn't get above 75 I am sure I will be a life long resident!! Nate & I married in 2014 and are proud Puppy Parent's! No matter their age, they will always be puppies! Our current child has been diagnosed with ADHD and takes up so much of our time! Thank goodness he is cute because he is super needy (and Hyper!)


As Always, Thanks from our family to yours! This DREAM would not be possible without our amazing customers!! We are so excited to announce that this Tuesday we will re-open our store front! Although we are dipping our toes in the apparel market we will always continue to make awesome Graphic Tees!!

We hope we can help you unbox your happy here at Clothed In Armor!
Store Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-2
CLOSED Sunday & Monday 
Shop online 24/7

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